Two Teams Coming Together

We are excited to announce that as of February 1st 2021, Magic Valley Electric will be acquiring Gietzen Electric and Gietzen Solar and joining forces under the MVE & The MAGIC Team!

This is a very special opportunity to bring two families, teams, and companies together. By joining forces and bringing these awesome teams together, more opportunities will open to serve our customers and community.

Now, more than ever, we are moving into the future as ONE TEAM. ONE DREAM.

We currently and will continue to offer electrical services by MVE in Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial, Express, Automation and Controls and Residential Services in Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC by The Magic Team.

We are extremley excited for the addition of Gietzen Solar to Magic Valley Electric, and providing Residential Solar Services to our customers through The Magic Team.

"We can go further together than we can apart."

-Billy Salts, Logan Gietzen, Doug Gietzen