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Micro Hydro Power Repairs & Maintenance in Twin Falls

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When your property depends on a micro hydro power system, Magic Solar provides support you need for consistent, even, and reliable electrical energy, 24/7. If your power supply has dipped, you are seeing inconsistencies in your power, or one or more of your generator turbines has stopped working properly, your entire power supply could be in trouble. You shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for professional help, and that’s what the team at Magic Solar provides you. We offer full support for microhydro systems, including repairs, maintenance, upkeep, inspections, diagnostics, and more. Whether you’re seeing diminishing power production or your power has gone out completely, give us a call and let us take care of your issues.

At Magic Solar, we believe nobody with a microhydro system should be on their own when it comes to care and upkeep. We can put our knowledge and experience to work diagnosing your problem and coming up with an effective and complete way of repairing the issue. From simple issues and minor repairs to comprehensive fixes and complex issues, no project is too large or small. We are familiar with these systems inside and out, and this makes us an invaluable resource and partner to have when you depend on one of these systems to keep your power on. Plus we take pride in keeping your system at its best, and offer maintenance and tune-up services that maximize power production and increase reliability!

If your micro hydro power system is showing signs of a problem, call Magic Solar at (208) 266-3258 today and let our team repair it as soon as possible.

Micro Hydro Power Repairs & Service

While micro hydro power systems are generally reliable and consistent, they are under a fairly high amount of stress. Water is heavy, and water under a constant flow means electrical power is constantly being generated. Your system can vary with changes in flow rates and water pressure, and all of these variances could cause something to go wrong. Whether something has exceeded operating limits or components have simply worn out with age, give the team at Magic Solar a call and we can conduct a thorough inspection and repair service that gets your electrical generating system back up and running again in no time.

Micro Hydro Power Maintenance & Upkeep

The operating and maintenance procedures of any microhydro system need to be developed and established in the design and construction phase of any project. Right from the moment these systems begin operating, they must be consistently and properly maintained in order to ensure reliability and prevent problems that might cause damage to your equipment, reduction or loss of power generation, and potentially serious expenditures in order to repair the problem. Depending on your system, your maintenance needs will vary, but you can still trust the team at Magic Solar to take care of them for you.

Your maintenance needs will be determined by a number of different factors, including the location of your microhydro site, the size of the installation, what type of installation you have, the amount of water it handles, the amount of electricity it generates, and so much more. As such, our project engineers and installation teams can help you develop your maintenance plans and procedures during your design and construction process and even implement them for you during the lifespan of your system. If you can have the same company that designed and installed your system, and is therefore closely familiar with the inner workings of its design, why trust your system to anyone else? Plus you’ll receive the same great customer service and care that we are renowned for!

Let Magic Solar help you keep your alternative energy service up and running as it should be! Contact us to book your appointment today.

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