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Boise Solar Service & Maintenance

Professional Repairs for Boise Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems are amazing for many reasons, including the fact that they require very little maintenance compared to other energy systems and sources. Although, some maintenance might be needed now and then for a solar energy system. It is even possible for falling debris or other accidental situations can damage a solar energy panel or equipment, requiring professional repairs.

If you live in Boise and need your home’s solar energy system serviced or repaired, look no further than Magic Solar. As the region’s trusted provider of solar energy system installations, we are also a local favorite for solar maintenance services in Boise. Whether we installed your solar energy system or another provider did, we are confident that we have the tools and training to repair or maintain it.

During a solar service or maintenance job, we can:

  • Inspect the system for defects or damage
  • Develop a fast, effective, and durable solution
  • Offer interval maintenance services based on your system’s needs

Please call (208) 266-3258 or contact online at any time to request solar service and maintenance for your Boise home.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels typically last between 25 and 30 years. Their longevity depends on maintenance, quality, and environmental conditions. Regular cleaning and inspection can prolong their lifespan. High-quality panels tend to endure longer. While warranties often cover 25 years, panels can still generate electricity beyond that period, although with reduced efficiency.

What are Signs You Need Solar Repairs?

You never know when a stray piece of debris might be carried by a storm, directly into your solar energy system. Even the most durable solar energy equipment on the market can be damaged by a particularly heavy strike. Or the internal components of a system can fail as time passes, just like with any other piece of equipment in and around your house. If either situation happens, it is time to schedule a repair with Magic Solar.

Signs that your solar energy system might need repairs include:

  • You are suddenly more reliant on the city’s electrical grid than before.
  • You aren’t getting any energy from the solar energy system.
  • Your energy bills have increased without explanation.
  • You see visible damage to a solar panel or another piece of equipment.

What Does a Solar Maintenance Service Include?

A solar energy system is a large piece of equipment comprised of advanced technology. Like any other large equipment or technology that you own, such as your automobile, a solar energy system will benefit from routine maintenance and tune-ups now and then. Magic Solar and our Boise solar maintenance technicians can create a maintenance plan that keeps your solar energy system looking and working at its best.

A solar maintenance service can include:

  • Checking for and installing software updates
  • Current testing for optimal energy flow
  • Panel cleaning
  • Work on adjacent pieces like battery backups
  • Small adjustments
  • And more

Call Today for Solar Services & Questions

Magic Solar takes pride in being the first name that so many Boise locals trust for solar energy system services, repairs, and maintenance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (208) 266-3258 to see the Magic Solar difference for yourself. We are standing by to hear from new and returning customers.

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