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Solar energy is one of the most plentiful and natural energy sources available in our solar system. The sun is a tremendous ball of energy and it pelts the earth with an incredible amount of heat and light each and every day. With a Boise solar energy system, you can harness just a small amount of this energy and put it to work powering your home’s electrical appliances and devices. Solar energy is completely clean with no residual carbon byproducts or exhaust, renewable, and plentiful, and that makes solar a great investment for almost anyone looking for an alternative way of powering their home. At Magic Solar, we want to help you make this transition, and we offer a great selection of Boise solar energy services including installation, repair and maintenance.

Here at Magic Solar, we take pride in going a step further than everyone else. While you have a lot of choices for companies who claim they can install your solar, few provide the comprehensive, personalized service that we go to great lengths to give you.

From our very first meeting all the way through until your Boise solar panel installation is completed and beyond, we’re here to support you in your renewable energy journey, and provide you with confidence, peace of mind, and guidance along the way. Every system is customized to the home and to the customer purchasing it for optimal performance, and each system is properly maintained and looked after by a crew that truly knows this technology and cares about our friends and neighbors. Whatever you’re looking to have your solar energy system do, Magic Solar will make it happen with the latest and greatest renewable energy products on the market.

Start learning more about the great renewable energy products on the market today! Call Magic Solar at (208) 475-4251 to schedule an initial appointment with one of our design experts.


As of February 1st, Magic Valley Electric, Gietzen Electric, and Gietzen Solar are bringing two great families, companies, and teams together. By joining forces, more opportunities will open up to serve our customers and community. Now more than ever, we’re moving into the future as one team, one dream.

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Benefits of Solar

You probably know that solar panels can benefit everyone. But you might also be asking the more important question: How can solar panels benefit you? When you work with Magic Solar, we will happily explain the benefits that you can expect based on your solar system, which will be specifically designed for your property. However, there are some broad benefits that most people with solar systems can expect.

The top five common benefits of solar panels are:

  • Reduced energy bills: The most common reason why people install solar panels is they want to reduce their monthly energy bills. By generating your own source of electricity, you don’t have to buy it from the utility company. In some cases, a solar system can generate more power than the homeowner requires, which results in a rebate.
  • Reduced energy dependency: Many people with solar systems feel less day-to-day stress because they have a reduced energy dependency. They know that they will have the ability to make power for their homes even when there is a widespread blackout.
  • Improved grid stability: Speaking of blackouts, the risk of a blackout goes down as more and more people switch to solar panels. Fewer property owners put stress on the grid because they can partially, mostly, or totally power their own properties with solar panels, which drops the chances of a blackout or brownout occurring.
  • High production during peak hours: Solar panels are great because they are highly self-sufficient and resistant to energy failures. The peak hours of the day when people use electricity the most are the same hours when solar panels tend to produce the most energy. While everyone else is getting charged more per wattage by Idaho Power Company because they need the air conditioner during the hottest hours of the day, your solar panels will be taking care of themselves and helping keep you cool.
  • Smaller carbon footprint: Of course, we can’t overlook the green benefit of solar panels. Reduced use of carbon-based power grids reduces the overall carbon footprint of that system. If more property owners use solar panel systems, then the carbon footprint will only get smaller as time goes on.

Boise Solar FAQ

  • Do you need planning permission for solar panels in Boise?
    Boise claims to be a “solar-friendly community” that has simplified the process for homes and businesses to add solar panel systems to their properties. A simplified process is still a process, though, and you will likely need to get certain building permits and documents before the job can begin. Don’t worry. We can guide you through the solar permitting process in Boise because we have worked through it so many times before.
  • How many solar panels does it take to power a house?
    The number of solar panels needed to power a house depends on the size of the house, the household’s energy consumption, and the expected sunlight coverage of that area. Some homes need less than 10 panels, and others need 20 or more. It really depends. We would be happy to give you a more accurate estimate based on your property. Just call (208) 266-3258.
  • Do solar panels damage your roof?
    A properly installed solar panel system won’t damage your roof. Both the exterior panels and the infrastructure of the roof should be unaffected. If you have solar panels that did damage to your roof, then the company that installed them has some explaining to do. Leave your next solar panel installation up to our professionals at Magic Solar in Boise.
  • Does solar increase home value?
    Typically, installing a solar panel system on your property will increase the value of your home. New homeowners are drawn to the idea of reduced electricity bills and lowered reliance on Idaho Power and the Boise grid, so they are willing to pay more for a home that already has solar panels. Of course, we can’t guarantee that solar panels will increase your home’s value because the housing market changes often and isn’t our expertise.
  • Does solar work when it’s cloudy outside?
    While it is true that solar panels are the most effective under bright, direct sunlight, it is also true that they work when it is cloudy outside. Even light that is reflecting off a surface and onto a solar panel is enough to supply power to the system. The rains of Boise can help your solar panels, too, by washing away dirt and dust, so don’t assume a rainy day is a bad thing.

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