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Solar energy is one of the most plentiful and natural energy sources available in our solar system. The sun is a tremendous ball of energy and it pelts the earth with an incredible amount of heat and light each and every day. With a Boise solar energy system, you can harness just a small amount of this energy and put it to work powering your home’s electrical appliances and devices. Solar energy is completely clean with no residual carbon byproducts or exhaust, renewable, and plentiful, and that makes solar a great investment for almost anyone looking for an alternative way of powering their home. At Magic Solar, we want to help you make this transition, and we offer a great selection of Boise solar energy services including installation, repair and maintenance.

Here at Magic Solar, we take pride in going a step further than everyone else. While you have a lot of choices for companies who claim they can install your solar, few provide the comprehensive, personalized service that we go to great lengths to give you. From our very first meeting all the way through until your Boise solar panel installation is completed and beyond, we’re here to support you in your renewable energy journey, and provide you with confidence, peace of mind, and guidance along the way. Every system is customized to the home and to the customer purchasing it for optimal performance, and each system is properly maintained and looked after by a crew that truly knows this technology and cares about our friends and neighbors. Whatever you’re looking to have your solar energy system do, Magic Solar will make it happen with the latest and greatest renewable energy products on the market.

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Residential Solar

Are you tired of electric bills that just keep climbing every month? Are you concerned about sustainability and the future of our environment? These are just two of the reasons why homeowners throughout Boise and the state of Idaho make the decision to switch to solar.

Whatever your reason might be, the team at Magic Solar is here to help. Our staff of solar experts can help you turn your home into a self-sufficient, energy-producing machine, or a sustainable dwelling that is capable of producing the lion’s share of the electricity it needs each and every day.

We handle everything from initial solar panel installation to repairs for damaged or malfunctioning systems to maintenance and upkeep that keeps your system in Boise running smoothly. We even offer installation for other renewable energy devices like battery backup systems, which help you store more of the power you generate and save even more!

Interested in solar panel installation in Boise? Talk to the Boise solar energy pros at Magic Solar today!

Commercial Solar in Boise

Converting your business to solar can help you drastically reduce overhead costs, increase profit margins, and improve your business’s image with eco-conscious clientele. Whether you run a small retail storefront or manage a massive office complex, solar may be the solution to your needs.

Magic Solar has the experience and state of the art products to handle your commercial solar panel installation in Boise and beyond, and we can work with you as a business partner who is focused on helping you get what you need to succeed both now and in the future.

Agricultural Solar

Farms and agricultural businesses could benefit tremendously from switching to solar! Magic Solar offers solar energy systems that are custom-designed and built to maximize the productivity of the available land. From powering energy-intensive electrical equipment to making the most of land that may just be sitting unutilized, we build superior systems with a wide range of options so you have what you need to succeed.

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