Should You Mount Your Solar Panels on the Roof or on the Ground?

There is no wrong way to go when deciding between whether to mount your solar panels on your roof or on the ground in Twin Falls County, Idaho, or the surrounding areas. With offerings in agricultural solar, commercial solar, residential solar, micro-hydro and maintenance, we at Magic Solar know that the difference between roof mounting and ground mounting comes down to a myriad of factors that range from how much space that you have on the roof or ground, your personal preferences on how each respective install would look, surrounding wildlife or children who could accidentally damage your panels and, ultimately, how much power you can get from each installation type. Let’s explore some of the reasons why people have gone with each type of install in order to help you make the proper move.

Roof-Based Solar Panel Systems

Quite popular, indeed, roof installations look nice and neat without taking up much space. They free up your yard space compared to ground installs, carry less risk of damage from accidental interference, yet are a prime target for hail if you live in an area that is known for hail. The output in power from roof installations is typically limited by the direction which your house is facing, so this is ultimately one of the biggest factors from a financial perspective. If you’re OK with getting 50% to 80% of maximum power because it avoids some of the other risk factors mentioned, then it makes sense to do roof installation.

Ground-Based Solar Panel Systems

If, however, you can afford the ground space, don’t mind how they look and don’t have any savage animals or younglings to damage your pricey panels, ground installation is certainly the way to go. Not only can you typically use more panels than you could on a roof installation, but you can also adjust the angle and position of your panels to be precisely aligned with the sun. Ground installations also keep solar panels cool and away from the hot roof of the house, which greatly increases productivity.

Whichever method that you choose, it is always advisable to protect your solar investment through regular cleaning, inspection, and repairs. Even if you didn’t buy from us, we are happy to perform all of the above for your setup! Magic Solar is a third-generation electric company that has been in business since 1973. We offer full turnkey solutions that are on time and on budget; we have the supply chain, facilities, and workforce to get any job done big or small. Contact Magic Solar for a free solar consultation and micro-hydro services today.