Learn How to Go Solar

Going solar has been a topic that has received much press in recent years. With so much information, it can become confusing on how to take advantage of the opportunity. The good news is that a great solar company can make the process quick and easy. You’ll first want to find a solar company that’s willing to provide you with a service that’ll go over all the planning details. Steer clear of companies that offer you a price upfront as this is almost certain to increase if your home requires additional panels or isn’t suitable for their standard offering. Magic Solar is happy to provide you and others in Twin Falls County and the surrounding areas in Idaho with this information on how to make the switch to solar.

Considerations When Going Solar

Relating to our initial claim on upfront pricing, you’ll have to have your home analyzed to determine the exact scope of work that’s to be performed. Variations in roofing, sun exposure, and the landscape of your yard all make a difference. You’ll also want to ask for references and samples of the work the company has completed. Any company can offer you a glossy brochure from the manufacturer of the panels. If the company has any planning software, they should be able to give you a realistic idea of how the project will play out and how the panels will appear. You’ll also want to consider your roof and ensure that it’s able to handle the panels. Lastly, ask questions regarding anything that comes to mind. Many people find it helpful to write these questions down before the estimate.

Magic Solar Can Help You Go Solar

Magic Solar has roots in renewable energy that date back over 40 years. The family-owned and -operated company offers sales, installation, service, and maintenance for ground and rooftop solar panel products that come in grid-tied or battery backup options. Agricultural, commercial, and residential services are all available. Micro-hydro services are also available if you’re interested in alternative options. Our solar analysis can help you determine if solar is the right solution for your home or business. Get in touch with Magic Solar for experienced expert service, today.