Can Colder Weather Negatively Affect My Solar Panels?

Solar panels provide a critical service to homeowners. The panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity that is both affordable and eco-friendly. During brutal cold weather months, however, concerns may arise about solar panel performance. While it’s true that cold weather can affect solar panels, there are ways to deal with some issues when they arise.

Cold Weather Protects Against Overheating

The adage about “taking the good with the bad” ties into solar panel issues during the winter. Here’s some good news: During summer months, the temperature and sunlight could overheat the panels, but in the winter, the colder weather makes overheating far less likely. So, the cold weather provides a little protection for the panels.

Snow and Weight on the Panels

Solar panels are durable. They are manufactured to withstand severe weather, albeit within limits. The excess weight derived from snowfall won’t likely be enough to crush the panels. The amount of pressure necessary to do this would have to be quite excessive. Even when rain falls on the snow and then freezes into ice, the weight probably won’t have much of an effect.

Minor damage is likely fixable, and a professional repair team could do the job. Magic Solar of South Buhl, Idaho, can help you with many different solar panel work requests. If any damage befalls the panels, we can handle repairs and routine maintenance.

Snow Blocks Sunlight

Even if no damage occurs, another problem may arise due to snow. When snow covers the panels, it blocks the rays of the sun. If the panels aren’t soaking up sunlight, they don’t have anything to convert to electricity.

Before the connected batteries drain out, it’s important to clear off any snow. Anyone not comfortable doing this job should call a professional for help.

Keep your solar panels performing at their best by calling Magic Solar. Our team can provide a range of solar services, including panel repairs, installation, and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.