Is Solar Really the Best Choice for the Environment?

Many people choose solar power specifically because they hope it will be a cleaner source of energy. Of course, it can also save a lot of money on electricity usage. However, is the solar panel manufacturing process really clean enough to justify switching away from your home energy source?

Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gasses is an important reason why many people switch to solar. While the day-to-day function of solar panels is clean in regard to energy, manufacturing does produce gas emissions and brings toxic substances to the air. Carbon emissions are a major problem.

Chemicals in Manufacturing

Of course, there are several chemicals used in manufacturing solar cells. Solar cells are mainly created from silicon, a derivative of quartz. The process of converting the quartz can bring carbon dioxide into the air. Some of the chemicals created can be extremely toxic, such as silicon tetrachloride.

Rather than being properly removed or utilized, silicon tetrachloride is often simply released into the environment. However, American sources tend to be cleaner because of our higher regulation levels.

Operating Cleanly

Although there are some concerns associated with the process of manufacturing the panels, they operate cleanly. That means that you won’t be adding to environmental problems every time you use electricity. Ultimately, this helps make up for any issues created during the manufacturing process.

Considering that most other sources of fuel involve some process that adds pollutants to the air, it would seem that using solar panels is still cleaner overall than any other option.

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