How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are usually easy to maintain, but they do need proper care. Neglecting to look after them may result in reduced efficiency and even damage to the panels’ components. For each season of the year, you need to account for different issues. Let’s look at the types of things you need to be aware of as well as how to clean and maintain your solar panels.

Spring, Summer, and Fall

Your main concern during these three seasons is to keep the solar panels clean and clear of debris that may cover them and reduce efficiency. In the spring, common debris includes pollen. Leaves can be an issue in the fall. Dust, dirt, and bird droppings can appear all year long.


During the winter, your main concern will be snow and ice. Ideally, the heat from your house should be enough to melt them off of the panels. However, depending on their placement on your roof and on how cold winters are where you live, you may need to intervene.

Using salt, a common method for general ice removal is not recommended for your panels as it can cause corrosion. For the best de-icing of your solar panels, and for the sake of your safety, it may be preferable to have a knowledgeable professional provide maintenance services. If you are in the Twin Falls area, contact Magic Solar for your solar panel cleaning and maintenance needs.

General Cleaning

Using a garden hose to wash off dust will be enough most of the time. A bucket of warm water with soap and a sponge or soft cloth are enough for anything more persistent. Be sure to check your sponge or cloth for any pebbles or other small objects that can get caught in them. You’ll want to avoid scratching your panels unintentionally.

For most places, cleaning your solar panels a couple of times a year is enough. If you live in a more demanding environment, make sure to adjust your maintenance habits accordingly or employ a reliable professional. Take care of your solar panels and they will provide clean energy for years to come. For professional help with solar panel maintenance, repair, or installation, give us a call. We have offices in Twin Falls and Buhl.