New Solar Technologies for 2020

The solar energy field is a very innovative industry that sees constant innovations. Four technologies are coming out in 2020, and quite likely a fifth, that will further cement the solar energy revolution.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla already makes solar roof shingles. The company is now developing solar roof tiles that don’t need large panels. Homes and buildings with this technology will look nicer as it won’t be obvious they have solar panels on them.

Clear Solar Panels

In 2020, skyscrapers and other large buildings will begin to have clear solar panels. Researchers have created a thin, clear film that can be applied to a building’s glass. This film generates power, enough to provide energy for the entire building’s needs.

Solar Thermophotovoltaics

This technology was designed at MIT. It uses solar panel compounds that turn thermal energy into a focused beam. This beam increases the efficiency of solar panels it is aimed at, increasing the amount of energy they create.

Split Cell Solar Modules

Split solar panels are about half the size of a traditional panel. Thanks to a silicon chip, they can do solar thermal cycling. This results in the solar modules lasting longer and being more efficient.

Perovskite Solar Cells

The technology, which could start being used in 2020, can be thought of as similar to ink. It can be painted onto buildings and other objects such as clothing. A versatile technology, it can be produced at a mass-scale. It offers low energy payback time and flexibility. Researchers are working to increase its stability before it will see real-world use.

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