Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panels offer an efficient way to generate electricity for your office or home. Not only can you save money with this technology, but it also decreases your impact on the environment.

After Magic Solar installs your panels, you must maintain them to keep them in good condition. Here are the consequences of not maintaining your solar panels.

Dirty Solar Panels

Solar panels don’t require much maintenance. However, you must keep them clean. At Magic Solar, serving Buhl and Twin Falls, we recommend that you clean your solar panels every three months. Cleaning your solar panels removes debris that’s caused by smog, pollen, and dust.

Before you clean your solar panels, here are a few things you should remember. Be careful throughout the cleaning process. Use a leaf blower to remove leaves. Rinse your panels with a hose using lukewarm water. Harsh chemicals can cause permanent damage to your solar panels.

Decreased Efficiency

The primary purpose of installing solar panels is to use the sun’s power to heat and cool your home. When solar panels aren’t properly maintained, their heating and cooling abilities decrease.

Scheduling maintenance services with Magic Solar can determine if your panels are operating as efficiently as possible. Solar panel maintenance service can include cleaning, inspection, and service recommendations.

Reduced Life Span

Solar panels have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years with proper maintenance. Over time, your solar panels can get damage. If these damages aren’t taken care of promptly, your solar panels may not last as long.

Solar panel monitoring allows us consequences of Not Maintaining Your Solar Panels to determine if the electrical components are working correctly. At Magic Solar, we monitor solar panels. Our monitoring service prevents malfunctions from reducing the life span of your solar panels.

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