How Does Extreme Weather Impact My Solar Panels?

Installing solar panels on a roof can be a great way to reduce energy costs. While they may not work at peak efficiency during periods of rainy, snowy, or cloudy weather, solar panels generally won’t be damaged because of extreme temperatures, hail, and lightning. Read on to learn more about how extreme weather may impact your solar panels.

Cold Weather May Improve a Solar Panel’s Effectiveness

Solar panels convert light into electricity regardless of what the temperature is outside. Research has shown that they actually do a better job during periods of cool or chilly weather. When snow falls on a panel, it tends to melt quickly because it is positioned closer to the sun’s rays. Therefore, you may still be able to generate energy during or after a snow event.

Flying Debris Such as Hail Will Cause Minimal Damage

A solar panel undergoes a stress test before it is sold to a contractor and put on your roof. Therefore, it should be able to withstand a minor hail event or stand up to other flying debris such as sticks or leaves. At Magic Solar, our professionals can install and maintain your solar panels to ensure that they meet your needs for years to come.

What About the Risks Posed by Lightning?

Since solar panels create and store electricity, there could be a power surge if they are struck by lightning. However, there are different ways to guard against this. First, the panels installed on your roof will be grounded to prevent surges from occurring. Additionally, you can add components to your roof that will protect the panels from being hit by lightning. This is usually an inexpensive upgrade that you can learn more about during a consultation.

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