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Twin Falls Agricultural Solar Installation

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Solar panel installation is a big job in pretty much any circumstances, but agricultural projects tend to be some of the largest and most involved builds of any application. At Magic Solar, our team is experienced with installing a wide variety of projects in Twin Falls and surrounding areas, including large-scale agricultural projects.

We handle everything from initial design and engineering to the complete construction process. That includes building on rooftops, in fields, and in any specialized location that you might wish to install solar in. After working with you to design the perfect renewable energy system, we can also provide you with the professional construction and installation services that makes your design a reality!

Agricultural Solar Panel Installation Twin Falls ID

Magic Solar is more than just a solar energy provider—we’re a full solar energy company with the experience and capacity you need for your agricultural solar project. From large scale, commercial farms with extensive heavy machinery and energy demands to small community farms run by a single family, you can count on our team to provide you with unmatched excellence. All of our systems are built from premium components and products for unmatched efficiency, and we work with you throughout the planning process to ensure your solar panel installation goes over smoothly and successfully.

Learn how you can make your unproductive land and wasted space like rooftops and vacant lots become productive investments in your property! Contact Magic Solar at (208) 266-3258 to learn more about our agricultural solar panel installation services.

We Install Solar Panels for Farms & More

If you have driven by a farm or agricultural business within the last few years, you have probably seen at least one business that has installed solar panels. Solar is lucrative for agricultural businesses, as they often depend on high quantities of sunlight to grow crops and produce the products that they do. With wide swaths of land, large rooftops, and other structures that receive a high quantity of sunlight, farms make great places for solar energy systems. At Magic Solar, we specialize in utilizing what features you have available as well as helping design and construct new features that can help you make the most of your new solar panel installation in Twin Falls and surrounding areas.

We place solar panels in a wide variety of locations, including:

  • Atop barns
  • Warehouse roofs
  • Freestanding panels
  • Parking shelters
  • Hay or equipment shelters
  • Livestock shelters
  • Vacant fields

Almost every farm utilizes solar energy to produce crops or sustain life needed to support us, and now we can put even more of that solar energy to work powering the tools and machines we need to run our farms. Outfitting the roof of a barn, workshop, warehouse, or other structure can provide you with an abundance of clean power that you can use to power that structure, the machinery inside, and even some other features of your property as well. In fact, many solar panel installations produce enough power to provide all of the energy a farm needs and more!

Make an investment in the future of your farm or agricultural business and switch to solar energy today! Call Magic Solar at (208) 266-3258 and find out more about what sets our solar panel installations apart.

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