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Renewable Energy for Farms, Dairies & More in Twin Falls, Jerome, Boise & the Surrounding Areas in Magic Valley!

Farms and agricultural businesses take up quite a lot of land throughout the state of Idaho, and in many cases this land simply sits and absorbs solar energy for hours and hours each and every day. This land could be a brilliant opportunity to power your business with clean, renewable solar energy! Magic Solar has helped several agricultural businesses install solar energy systems that provide them with the power they need to operate with reduced overhead costs and greater environmental impact. We custom-build every solar panel installation to the space we have available, and utilize the latest and greatest technology in order to maximize production and exceed your expectations with superior results.

Agricultural solar panels outside

Magic Solar has always believed in being so much more than a service provider to your business—we want to be your partner and work with you today and each day in the future. We take maximizing profitability and productivity with your business seriously, and that’s why we want to do everything we can to help you increase your output by increasing available energy. We build unique, state-of-the-art solar energy systems that utilize the land you have to its fullest, and we even provide technology like battery systems that can help you keep machinery and other important equipment running at all times. Whether you run a small crop-yielding farm or a large property that deals with livestock, you can count on our team to build the perfect system for your needs.

Solar is a safe, simple, and practical way to utilize your land for even greater productivity! Call Idaho’s local leader in agricultural solar to learn more. Dial (208) 266-3258 today and talk to the team at Magic Solar about your needs right away.

Solar Designed for Farms & More

The added flexibility that solar energy can bring to farms and agricultural businesses provides an overwhelming number of benefits that are hard to beat. At Magic Solar, whatever your goals might be, we are the ones who can make it happen. We are prepared and experienced with large-scale projects, and we can help you with construction, maintenance, upkeep, repairs, diagnostics, and any other service you need. Whether you’re looking to cut back on costs or you’re looking for a solar energy system that has enough capacity to provide all of the power you need all year long, give us a call.

Did you know that a 2,000 panel system in an industrial or commercial-scale farm can generate more than 740,000 kilowatt hours of energy each year, which is enough to cover their total usage and more? Call the team at Magic Solar to learn more today!

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